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Center for Systems Approaches to Infectious Diseases (JHU C-SAID)



The objective of C-SAID is to bring together Investigators with multidisciplinary backgrounds, including microbiology, immunology, genetics, next-generation sequencing, metabolomics, microbiome research, computational biology, and bioinformatics, to elucidate host-pathogen interactions underlying various infectious diseases. 

News & Upcoming Events

Monthly Journal Club:

Thursday, January 27

Ray lab will be presenting the Journal Club at 2 pm in CRB-II, conference room 212.

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Click here to join the meeting virtually.

Meeting ID: 951 3714 1735

Passcode: 648144

Latest Publications

High-throughput identification of Mycobacterium avium antibiotic tolerance genes

A genome-wide transposon screen was used to elucidate M. avium genes that play a role in the bacterium’s tolerance to first- and second-line antibiotics. A total of 193 unique M. avium mutants with significantly altered susceptibility to at least one of the four clinically used antibiotics tested, including two mutants (in DFS55_00905 and DFS55_12730) with panhypersusceptibility. The products of the antibiotic tolerance genes identified may represent novel targets for future drug development studies aimed at shortening the duration of therapy for MAC infections.

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